Father’s Day Secrets



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To the person that sent in this photo, you sent in a photo of my father. My sister and I would like to contact you. I hope you see this, we would like to be in touch. Please help me figure this mystery out, I might have a sibling I never knew about. Please please help me. Andrea




Best Father’s Day Gift Ever




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I got these text messages from my dad after my mother confessed he wasn’t actually my biological dad. I’m 31 years old and this is the first I knew of it.



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This is the last Christmas card I ever got from my dad. He had a fatal stroke on the day before Christmas 5 years ago. He was right – I’ve had some amazing adventures since – a doctorate, a Fulbright, a ton of travel, lots of love and now totally ready to work on the toughest of problems.

Ironically, I also don’t sleep much… My research assistants always laugh when I send them emails at 3 am. But I’m dreaming up solutions to problems and they just can’t wait…



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More to me then any jewel that can be found, love always Papa



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White House Secrets




The White House requested a special selection of PostSecrets reflecting the LGBT experience for an exhibit at the Gay Pride Reception this month.  I was able to attend with my family and saw the deep appreciation of the event in the tears and laughter shared when President Obama moved all of us with his caring words and stories of inspiring Americans. Obama described the decision to illuminate the White House in rainbow colors last year in celebration of marriage equality as, one of the most special moments of my Presidency.

Thank you for all your secrets. Twelve years later they are still traveling the world in new and surprising ways – revealing our story.

Some of the secrets below were selected from over 300 I supplied for the temporary White House display. It took weeks to assemble this historic snapshot of LGBT confessions and now I hope this unique collection can reach more people as a book, traveling exhibition or permanent online resource. If you have a suggestion or invitation for where it should go next please let me know. And if you have a Father’s Day secret, or any secret, you can mail it to: PostSecret, 13345 Copper Ridge Rd., Germantown, MD 20874


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