Sunday Secrets

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“I’m in love with two men. I’m not married to the better of the two.”



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Top one is about Wile E Coyote: “The coyote is more humiliated than harmed by his failures, much like myself.”

The secret with the woman in the black dress reads, “I’d like to be a woman of mystery” in phonetics (IPA).

Guess who’s in California says “I’m infatuated with my ASL teacher. Do I tell him?” with ASL finger spelling.

Chinese: “I would like to say: thank you. If we didn’t meet by accident, I feel I would have never become a real man. I can’t forget how you helped me. You are my precious friend, and you are forever in my heart.”



This San Francisco PostSecret Live! event at the Herbst Theatre (October 20th) will be recorded for podcast but has sold-out.
For ASL interpreter seating please contact:


PostSecret at the Smithsonian


Dear Frank,

I’m writing you to tell you about the “circle of life” effect PostSecret has had on my life.

Starting when I was 16 I would visit PostSecret every week to find solace in the world that other people were struggling with the same issues as me.

At 18, I was in a very dark place in my life, I decided to make 3 secrets, all different ones I’ve feared. After I mailed them to you I watched every week and checked all the books but didn’t see them. I forgot about them too. Three years later I met you at a PostSecret Live! Event and you told me “The World Needs To Hear Your Voice”.


Now, three years later – still obsessed with PostSecret, I found out about your Smithsonian exhibit in Washington at the Postal Museum and had to go. My boyfriend and I ventured in overwhelmed by the 7 – foot high pile of postcards. I was joyfully explaining to him what PostSecret is and how it had helped me. I diligently was reading each postcard one by one when he pointed one out to me and said “that’s one of the most creative ones here”. As I stopped to agree with him – I began to think how familiar the handwriting was – wait a second, it was MY hand writing! All of sudden the night at the kitchen table over 5 years ago when I sat crying and making the postcards came back to me. MY postcard was displayed right there-for the world to see! It all made sense as I stood in shock, you-Frank, had let the world hear my voice.


The most joyful part of it all was reading the postcard was like seeing a friend who had passed away. If you would have explained the circumstances of which I’d see the postcard again to that 18yr old girl [being in love, having an amazing career, well traveled, college educated,etc.] she would have laughed through her sadness as a complete impossibility. But alas, so many amazing things have happened in that time frame and it gave me renewed hope in myself – the bad times WILL pass. I hope the world continues to hear my voice while the postcard is on display, and furthermore I hope it impacts even one person to know that sadness isn’t forever. Happiness is within your grasp.

Thank you Frank-for helping this full circle come to life.





This San Francisco PostSecret Live! event at the Herbst Theatre has sold-out.