Sunday Secrets

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Dear Frank,

I want to thank you for coming to speak at my school. I’ve suffered with extreme anxiety and depression for all my life and because of that I’d been putting off university for a couple years. I’ve been forcing myself to get ready for it this year knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to follow through, until I found out you were speaking. I’m now attending regular classes. You and your secrets have done more than you could know. 




Dear J-

Thanks for your kind message. I printed it out and pinned it to my wall. I’ve had anxiety and depression (and insomnia) too and it doesn’t get in my way as much as it used to but letters like yours do more than you could know.

I’m like an idiot savant with secrets. I’ve received over a million but feel like I can remember just the right one when I need to. I dug through my archive to find and share this one with you J. Be well.




Classic Secrets

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Hey Frank,

I was going through the Secrets and I was stunned to see mine up there. It was the one about the RA. It was such a hard time that I was going through but I stuck it out. I not only became an RA but now I work in Student Affairs at a university. I am dedicating my life  to working with college students who are going through hard times or who are at risk in one way or another.

I’ll be the most stubborn light in the darkness until they make it through. Thanks for bringing me light when I needed it too



Suicide Prevention Month (Casie’s Story)

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Dear Frank,

This past Friday night I found myself in a black hole of depression and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the night. Not knowing where to turn and feeling like I couldn’t stop. I remembered seeing the Hopeline phone number on PostSecret.

I talked to someone there for 2 and a half hours and I truly feel that they saved my life.

Thank you for the website, thank Hopeline for being there, and thank the people that send in their postcards so that others know they are not alone with their secrets.





Dear Frank,

I wanted to say thank you for posting the email from Casie. I was also hoping you could pass along a message to her, as well. I want to thank her for having the courage to reach out for help and then share it with you and all of your readers, using her real name and even her picture. It’s definitely inspirational.





Every time I see the new secrets on Sunday, I scroll down to see Casie. For me (a mental health counselor) she balances out the bleak postcards and reminds me that people CAN come back from the brink of suicide. She is truly an angel; I can’t imagine how many people’s lives her story has saved over this past year.😀


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