Sunday Secrets

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Dear Stranger Who Left Me A Kind Letter-

I’ve been going through a rough patch recently and every time I think it can’t get worse, it does.

Today was one of those days. I drove to Barnes and Noble and thought since I don’t have anyone to go to why not get a notebook to write all this down in. I really had never felt so alone. I cried in my car contemplating how my life got to this point then pulled myself together and went into Barnes and Noble. As I went to pay I realized I left my wallet in my car. I ran back out and came back to this note.


This made me cry even more and as I am writing you this email I am crying, but it’s a good type of cry. This person was like a light. A complete stranger made me not feel so alone anymore and even though I have never been very religious I felt really comforted knowing someone was praying for me. I wish I could hug this person and thank them. I can only hope they read this and know how grateful I am and how much this did for me. I put your note in my wallet so anytime I am sad I can read it and know there are good people in this world. Your 20 dollars went to my new notebook, hopefully that will help me as much as you did today.


Classic Secrets

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You ran my secret about proposing at Rockefeller Center today. I just wanted you to know that she did say yes, and we’ve been married for 6 years now! Also, I slipped and fell while trying to get down on one knee. Doing that on ice is harded than you’d think.


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